Acres of Diamonds and Russel Conwell

Did you ever get to the end of something you really loved doing and find yourself thinking “what next?”

Does being your own boss mean you could do with a poke in the next direction?

Do you ever forget to take your own advice?

After finishing a really lovely course of The Artist’s Way in the Seamus Ennis center recently, the novelty of not getting up on Saturday morning much less not spending Friday night getting handouts/film clips/glitter and “stuff” ready, has already worn off 🙂

Courses traditionally start in January and September (totally out of synch with nature but that’s another blog post entirely) so it will be September before we start up again.

So what’s next here at Creatively Thinking?

I have to admit I need to listen to my own advice at times, particularly using Russell Conwell’s Acres of Diamonds Story which forms a vital part of the introduction to any of the courses I facilitate. The basic premise is that everything you need is under your feet and to stop looking over the garden wall at your neighbour’s lawn and water the grass you are standing on. (The full length audio and text version available on the link below)

I started out the personal development journey as a life coach, became a trainer, a mentor, a facilitator and a laughologist (yes, it does exist). But coaching has always formed a major part of what I do, whether one to one or in a group and my favourite way to coach is by telephone, so clients can access the session in their pj’s, with a mug of tea and in their slippers. Having a Tesco phone that allows me unlimited calls for 15 euro a month takes care of the cost involve (but you do make your own tea!)

You wouldn’t buy a pig in a sack so I like to offer complimentary goal setting sessions to people to see if they would enjoy the process and if what I do would be of benefit.

I enjoy working in this way because it is positive, practical and great fun, clients take time to make their goals a reality and discover all sorts of skills, talents and experiences along the way. It is a privilege to be a part of that journey and I have NEVER come away from a coaching session without being inspired by the amazing things people are capable of! 🙂

Being self employed has its challenges for sure, but the greatest benefit is the ability to move between activities and switch projects, and for those of us who like to do more than one thing, this is a gift! 🙂

So for the next four months, I will be working with a small number of clients setting goals and making changes as well as training with local authorities and voluntary organisations doing what I love best, empowering people who care to take better care of themselves 🙂 Simples! 🙂

For more information and/or to book a complimentary coaching session contact me on, text 0892329373 or pm on facebook 🙂 🙂



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