Having worked for many years in areas of self care and personal development, the older I get, the more I understand that to be overweight/overworked/over tired/over stressed or making poor decisions is very often linked to being under creative. Whether we want to write Haikus or play the tambourine, paint portraits or make earrings, bake pies or make cheese, the very process of beginning and doing something gives our mind a chance to rest and our brains a chance to create solutions and adjust our behaviour in line with our values.

In short, to be creative is to be our authentic self.

Often the picture of the finished product is enough to put the fear of making a mess  in front of the joy making a start.

My job is to help you get over this fear and find the courage to give things a go, make a start, make a mess, make a masterpiece, is doesn’t matter. What matters is that no matter how hard your work, how much you care for others, how many years doing the right thing….you will always have a space in your life left empty until you fill it with something uniquely yours.

That space will be filled regardless, with worry, stress, people, family, work.

But if you can take the leap this year, this week, this afternoon to acknowledge the power of allowing your imagination to work in your favour, no matter how small a step towards your creative self, then I promise you the results will have no bounds.

This year you can  join Artist’s Way Classes in Portmarnock, Write Yourself Well  Creative writing classes in Meath and Life Lessons from Fairy Tales and Heal Your Money Story in various locations throughout the country, just contact me on creativelythinking9@gmail.com

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Some previous clients comments;

“Anne McDonald is a world class coach. She understands the business world and can make you use your full potential to get on the track you really want with your business life/ career and your personal life. She is a coach with great wisdom and is deeply interested in your growth. A special person to have by your side as your coach. If you take Anne as your coach you will be having your dreams come true.
J.K. Business Owner/Director, Denmark.“Anne is a down-to-earth Irish gem! She is a fantastic coach who blends
motivation and boundary pushing along with support, compassion and humour.
Sometimes I’d be laughing so hard I’d hardly notice that she was helping
me change my life dramatically, but she always was. That’s how talented
this woman is. Thanks Anne!”
C.R. Salsa Teacher and Research Consultant UK.“I can wholeheartedly recommend Anne as a coach and mentor. Anne clarifies, grounds and enthuses you in equal measure and always adds that practical contribution which proves to be of inestimable value.”
Tony McKenna, Sales coach UK.“Anne McDonald made me an egyptian princess” M.L, SharimEl Sheikh, Egypt“When I started working with Anne, I was feeling stuck, without a clear direction in my life. She gave me the structure, support and confidence to really take change and design the life and career I wanted. For the first time in my life, I’m in control, doing what I want and loving it! Thanks, Anne.”
Colette Clail, Trainer & Career Coach, Dublin, Ireland.

“Having worked with Anne as trainer, coach, presenter and facilitator, I am most proud to claim her as a friend. Anne exemplifies everything that coaching should be; she is generous, instinctive and most importantly a bloody funny and warm human being!”
Christopher Samsa, Trainer, Mentor, Business Coach, UK.

Working with groups and individuals in Ireland and the UK since 2002, my background in Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitation helps me tailor courses and sessions that suit your time, budget and aspirations for yourself or your organisation, all focused on taking time for yourself, and using creative solutions to care for yourself as much at least, as you care for others!

Anne McDonald

B.A., H.Dip, Professional Qualified Coach, Trainer, Mentor and Facilitator.

M.Phil Creative Writing, TCD Dublin.