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So I wanted to write a blog…

Every once in a while I come across someone who has created something special, and more often than not, the more successful they are, the more generous they are with their time, skills, ideas, and resources. The people listed below are just that, and if they inspired me, chances are they may well inspire you too!     Debra Eve

Debra Eve’s Later Boomer site and a beautiful calendar is created to champion people who came to find their true calling later in life than we would imagine. Everything from doctors to artists to builders to people who fundamentally changed the way we think about things are included, and Debra regular updates the inspiration list with new people who we might think of as “too old”. Debra has a connection with Ireland having spent some time here as an archaeologist but her own journey as a late bloomer is well worth a read!

You can sign up to Debra’s blog here      Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley has been inspiring people with his Thoughts From the Universe and his popularity has grown with his generosity. Sign up for his notes from the universe and get daily messages to your inbox to cheer you up or spur you on…whatever you need on any given day.

Sample of Mike’s note;

Did you know that if you can see a cloud, it can see you?

Same for trees.

And beauty.

      The Universe

Kind of makes you want to get out more, huh?

You can sign up for the notes here;

or for something exquisite..

Dreama Tolle Perry

I stumbled across this site on the recommendation of an artist friend of mine Colette Clail, ( and when someone personally recommends a site/blog or speaker, you know its good!

This site is an example of someone making their living from their art but also sharing and guiding others who may be struggling to make the leap from painting in their back room to getting their gift into the public domain. Her art is amazing and her words are inspiring and full of advice and ideas to help you take the plunge and put your courage on the canvass.

You can sign up to Dreama’s Blog here

Kate Northrup

Let’s face it, many of us could do with upskilling when it comes to thinking about money, and Kate Northrup provides e-courses, tips, hints and mainstream coaching, and training around changing our money mindset. Take her quiz to see where your mindset is and how you can make this year less stressful and more abundant, where you take control of your money instead of it taking control of you!

You can sign up for Kate’s blog here;

All of these people have one thing in common, they are generous with their learning.

Who inspires you? It’s worthwhile checking out what is important to you and who can and does help you, they are the people who will support you in the coming year so keep an eye on what they are doing, and if you can, keep in touch! 🙂