A month of comfort

Would you ever buy a pair of uncomfortable slippers?

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes you are going to “slim into”?

Do you ever spend time with someone who made you feel uncomfortable?

We hear a lot of talk about how we should constantly go out of our “comfort zone” in order to learn new things. Over the last few years the word “comfort” tends to be associated with negative things like “comfort eating” or laziness or lack of motivation to live a magnificent life. But the idea of comfort is nothing whatsoever to do with laziness. We comfort a small child when it is in pain. We comfort adults when they are struggling. In fact, offering comfort is one of the kindness human exchanges we can experience.

So why do we have the shirt that only buttons half way up shouting “loser!” every time you open your wardrobe?

Why do we hold on to furniture that gives you arse ache every time you sit on it? or a mattress that curves  your spine eight hours a night but matches the bed frame?

Why do we spend time with people who make us feel less than comfortable or happy with who we are?

There is a world of difference between “Rescuing” someone and being kind to them, just as there is  world of difference between making someone a bowl of stew on a cold day or buying them a wheelbarrow full of sweets.

There is also a world of difference between staying comfortable in a paler shade of ourselves that stepping into shoes that really fit, and I mean REALLY FIT. 

If you were not embarrassed, afraid or worried about what people would say, what would you do that would comfort you this month?

Would you crochet a handbag for an egg?

Would you paint a sunflower on a table cloth?

Would you try your hand at Indian cooking?

An artist will never be totally comfortable unless they make things….whether it’s a poem, a pie or a piece of abstract painting.

Creative people will never be totally satisfied unless they acknowledge their need to make stuff.

It doesn’t have to be a violin concerto or a poem about irony, it need not be a piece of pottery or a lifesize painting of the Dali Lama.

It just needs to be what is comfortable for you to do. 

Making for an audience guarantees an endless supply of blank canvass’s. Making for yourself means you will create something, anything, and the more you do it the more comfortable your own skin will feel.  Who cares if it looks shite? Really? Who honestly cares if I make a paper weight out of clay that looks like a horse shoe with a pair of wings?

Answer……NO ONE! 🙂 🙂

But if I dont make, do, paint, create I know that everything around me will irritate me and make me uncomfortable and I can guarantee if that’s how I am feeling, I will be no sparkly ray of sunshine to be around.

In the Artist’s Way this week we talked about as grown ups we now wear Big Boy or Big Girl Pants…we can choose to comfort ourselves by letting go of embarrassment, shyness,  fear and just giving things a go, making a start, getting over our notions of Art being lofty or high falutin….we can take comfort from the idea that ALL ARTISTS PUT THEIR PANTS ON ONE LEG AT A TIME…..JUST LIKE THE REST OF US. 

By NOT creating we are guaranteeing that we will feel uncomfortable no matter what we substitute it with, so why not try this month to make a pot of tea, clear a space in your kitchen/house/shed and just make something.

Don’t make a drama out of it.

Just make it. 

For no one else but yourself.

Only show it to people you are comfortable with sharing your special thoughts with.

Then sit back and take comfort in the fact that you made it. 🙂  

4 thoughts on “A month of comfort

  1. Nikki Weston says:

    Loved this article Anne, and it is truly well said. I have been creating art on and off now for a few weeks, and nothing but nothing heals me, soothes my anger, strokes comfort into me, like making something. Honestly they are small but they are mine, and I love them like I love my children and the child inside me. Long live the creativity inside us, it is awesome.


  2. Raymy boyke says:

    Anne McD – a true inspiration. Loved reading this and will comfortably ponder on it’s implications for me over the next few weeks. Looking forward to reading more from you


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