One year ago today and the wisdom of Teddy Roosevelt.

One year ago today I was starting a masters degree in Creative Writing in TCD and literally wondering how on earth would I compare with the brilliant group of writers from all around the world who were so bright it would take your eye out.

I realized very quickly that comparing yourself to anyone is a complete waste of time and energy. So I stopped comparing and wrote instead.  Plays, poems, spoken word pieces and 90K words of a historical novel.  In December this year, my first collection of poetry (Crow’s Books) will be coming out, much which was edited and made better by the ideas and inspiration of the same group of writers (once I stopped being totally in awe of them and listened to their ideas and suggestions 🙂 ).

I am beyond excited. 

One year later, its all over and not only did I survive the workshopping, the critique, the constant submissions, but I am also now delighted to be facilitating a Creative Writing Course for adults in Palmerstown Community School starting Tuesday 24th September from 7pm to 8.30.  The course is designed to encourage you to write and enjoy it, develop your voice and above all, find a safe space to try out new ideas or your very first piece. (no comparisons allowed! 🙂 ) check it out at the link below; 

The always inspiring Fiona O’Rourke (@fionamkorourke) always says your writing is like a newborn baby, you don’t say to people “it’s is not finished, it’s a bit rubbish, I am going to fix bits of it/him/her” about a newborn baby, so why do we say it about our writing?

Fiona’s words rang in my head for much of the last year, particularly when I got to perform at the wonderful Women Of Wit gig in Bewley’s Cafe, ( with an amazing, talented bunch of women. Delighted to be joining them for more gigs in October and November but in the meantime, I will be going along to see this month’s fantastic lineup on 28th of September.  

Will I be nervous if I compare myself to any of the brilliant performers?? Yes indeedy, I will.

Will I let it stop me doing my thing knowing that it’s more fun to take inspiration from others than comparing myself when each one is unique and different and have their own super talent?

No, I will not! 

Instead, I will focus on writing the material and making it the best it can be and then trusting that on the night it will all be grand….and it will! 🙂

I am also delighted to be facilitating another course of The Artist’s way in Portmarnock Community School starting 28th September on Saturday mornings. Every time I do this course I learn something new, take on something different or find the courage to aim for something special.

Each group is unique and different and generates so much energy and creativity that it’s hard not to be inspired to take a chance….which is why last year I took a chance and applied to Trinity to do the Masters in Creative Writing…..the rest is history.

Next month I will be launching my new business called “Personal Poetry” crafting commissioned, personalized poems to celebrate significant life events and special people.  The new website is in the oven, the poems are in the kiln, and some of the same group of amazing writers that I was in awe of this time last year are among my most supportive critics.

With new coaching clients and clients I had the pleasure of working with before full of ideas and goals and journeys and things they want to achieve in the year ahead, it’s impossible NOT to be inspired for the coming year.

And yes, Teddy Roosevelt was definitely on to something when he said

Comparison Is the Thief of Joy

So how about this week you stop comparing your self to others and start taking inspiration from people around you instead? 

Stop giving yourself a hard time thinking you are not smart enough, slim enough, solvent enough?

And whilst you are at it, see who you can champion, who you can encourage and how much more interesting life gets when you do? 

and the last word goes to the wonderful Susan Jeffers who told us all as far back as1996 that we can all stop struggling when we realise we are, have and do enough, just the way we are.



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