Do your friends help you fly?

“The good government of our nation has decreed that whilst witchcraft is to be sought out and destroyed by death, the practice of flying is not, in itself, objectionable!”  or so says the Lost Art of Being a Lady, A victorian Self help Guide for Modern Women.

Have you ever met a total stranger and was gobsmacked by how identical your life experiences were? 

Have you talked about something awful assuming you were the only one in the world who could understand only to find that your problem was not unique to you? 

Are you constantly surprised when you meet people who seem to come from the same tribe? 

When I grew up Witches were either cartoon figures in Disney fairytales or burnt at the stake during the Salem Witch trials. But in modern times I think we have a new breed of people who would have been definitely dunked in a mud pond had their conversations been overheard by the people in charge 🙂 At many of the Artist Way courses over the last year I noticed a group of strangers develop, without discussion, a mental telepathy or shorthand, and many times I heard the phase “we must have been witches in a previous life” as people who had  never met, realised that they had similar values, experiences or aspirations as the person sitting beside them.

Something happens when you meet someone who “gets” your way of thinking. Who likes the things that interest you. Who speaks your language. A mutual inspiration occurs when ideas are swapped, experiences compared and energy is most definitely raised. You often come away from such a meeting feeling reinspired, re energised, reassured. There is a whole world of support out there for you from people you already know or at the very least have the contact details for. People you admire, people you inspire to be like, people you like spending time with. People who encourage you to fly.

In short, spending time  with people of your own tribe makes you happy and is good for you. 

If you are not sure what someone from your own tribe is, think about how you feel when you spend time with a friend, colleague or family member. Do you feel energised or losing the will to live? Excited about life or looking around for a crucifix to hop up on? Do you laugh at the same things? moan about the same things? value the same things?

If you feel better about yourself after spending time with someone, then that person is going to make your life better. And a little bit of magic happens. You feel your wings.

Think about the people you spend time with and how you feel about yourself when you do. Is there someone you like spending time with that you have lost touch with? Someone you used to tell your hopes and dreams to that because of work/kids/family/life you dont get to see too often? Social media is a fantastic way to connect with people from the comfort of your own home and is a lovely way to connect to people who live across the ocean. But nothing replaces a cup of coffee and a chinwag. A hug or a handshake connecting two people is like a promise to keep in touch. If meeting up is not possible then at least try to write a card or a letter. If that is not possible (and why not? ) then an email is good. If you cannot  email someone then a text will connect you. And if all that fails then “poke”them on facebook.

As far as I know, no-one ever went to their grave regretting spending too much time staying in touch with people they liked. 

So this week, why not make an effort to meet your fellow witches? Your other tribe members? The people who “get” you whether they are old friends or new acquaintances. Share a coffee, share a meal, go for a walk. Spend and hour in the lobby of a hotel in a comfy armchair and find out what is happening in their world.

And if the person you are thinking of as you are reading this makes contact before you do, dont be surprised……

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