Courses & Workshops for 2017





Life Lessons from Fairy Tales in The Seamus Ennis Center, Naul, Co. Dublin

This 1-Day workshop  will explore the magic and mystery of everyday fairy tales;
– the inspiration we can find from myths & fairy tales
– symbols, motifs & cultural differences of common fairy tales
– using fairy tales to build healthy boundaries and take care of yourself.

Starting 10am Saturday 2nd April to 4pm

Cost 40 euro payable in advance and includes handouts/materials etc.for more details on any of the above courses and upcoming Heal Your Money Story workshops or Laughter Workshops email and we will get back to you asap! 🙂

Alternatively text 0892329373 or pm on facebook


This page will be updated regularly as new courses or workshops are announced .

The current Artist’s Way is half way through and the Creative Approach to Self Care is nearing completion  so the next round of courses will be announced for Easter! They will include a series of one day workshops and the usual 12 week series and we will also have some new topics and creative writing  courses coming online 🙂 This page will be updated with information regularly 🙂