Goals and Obligations, what makes you happy?

My last post was about buckets and bucket lists….and the reason its taken so long to write another one is that some of the big things in my bucket have happened -the Eurovision in Lisbon being a big one, but whilst I was there I got a place on the M.Phil in Creative Writing in Trinity…epic! And now we are into week 2 of my favorite thing to do at the weekend, The Artist’s Way!


So its that time of the year when the leaves and trees are lying down to have a rest and we are all running to night classes to take up ukulele lessons and Thai cookery. Nothing wrong with that….whilst the evenings are bright and we are still relatively connected to summer. However,  it is a really good time to adjust our compass and see where we want to go, rather than where John Lewis, Guinness or Marks & Spencer takes us as the nights close in and Bulmer’s Horses beginning to trot across the television screens followed by the Coca Cola trucks.

And so begins the insidious build up of stress. The obligatory Christmas parties you would never organise the other 364 days of the year, the piles of candles, slippers, autobiographies of reality tv stars and tat we buy that end up in the charity shops in February (NOTE, that’s when the best bargains are!) and the feeling of your hard earned cash developing wings and leaving you feeling broke, tired and hard done by.



You can decide this year to box clever and take a little time to think about what is important to you over the next few months and make sure you have a clear idea about where your resources are spent.  There are lots of opportunities over the next few months to choose what you want to do over what you feel obligated to do.

You never know who you will inspire if you say “No, this is what I would prefer. “ and God knows who will be inspired if you “No, this is what I prefer, so this is what I am doing.”


You might have a red face or a stutter but afterwards you can look in the mirror and it will be fine, truly!

January is traditionally goal setting time. When we are all broke, tired and waiting for pay day. We even have Blue Monday just in case we were feeling good to remind us that time time of the year is traditionally miserable.

So why wait until January to get clear on what is important to us?

We can set goals or intentions. Focus on things that are meaningful and mean something to us. 

Anyone that has ever struggled with weight or money will know that Christmas can be  a nightmare. 



So why would I wait until January to set a goal  or intention around a healthy weight/size/shape? Or wait until January to start a “comfort” money fund?

No reason really….except its easier….except it isint! 🙂 

Night classes and weight watching clubs peak in September and January…by October motivation begins to wobble and then its November and then the Christmas do’s start and sure it’s going to be Christmas and then there is no point and then we might as well wait until January to make a real start and get a good run at it! …Sound familiar?

How about doing it differently this year?

How about deciding, DECIDING what you want to feel, do, be and have when Christmas is over.  

Then make a start and make a plan.

Write it down, keep it near you.

Find like minded souls who will help you out. 

So you have a blueprint for where YOU are going, no matter what the festive season throws at you.

There are over 11 Weeks left in this year, nearly 3 months – yours to do what you want with.

That’s a lot of days….80 odd to be exact. 

How will you spend yours? 


eurovision 2018 Lisbon

No one else wants what you want (see above!) so make a point of trying to figure out what it is what you wan then enjoy making it a priority!

3 thoughts on “Goals and Obligations, what makes you happy?

  1. Nikki Weston says:

    Great post Anne!

    And when you said there was 11 weeks of this year left, it struck me hard in the face! 11 weeks! Imagine what I could do in 11 weeks! I could get this book finished! I could get this book SUBMITTED, dammit!

    The plans I made back in Nov/Dec in Portmarnock with you and the guys (remember when I was Sharon Ni Bheolain reading my news for 2018?) included big capital letters: ‘in 2018, I finally tackled EDITS! SUBMISSIONS! PITCHES!’

    The edits are going great, but at 25% solidly completed and the rest in varying states, the pre-2019 submission wasn’t looking hopeful. But I have 11 weeks of 2018, imagine what I can do in 11 weeks. I can finish the edits, do a synopsis, draw up a pitch letter, and send send send.

    Thank you again my friend, you inspire me so!


  2. Creatively Thinking Workshops Training & Courses says:

    That’s great Nikki and yes, 11 weeks is a long time rather than “its nearly Christmas”…:) 🙂 I know the edits and submissions are tedious but each one brings you nearer to what you want 🙂 🙂 🙂 I do remember you reading the news and now look how far you’ve come, just get the work out there now that’s you bit done, remember Pray to catch the bus then run as fast as you can….as Julia says 🙂 🙂


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