Buckets or Bucket list?

This month, next monday myself and my daughter are going to the Eurovision in Lisbon. 

This has taken many many years waiting for a country to win whose name we can pronounce and who has an airport we can fly to direct from Dublin. 

We have had plenty of “feedback” from people who can’t understand why on earth we would want to go. 

Do we care?????

Do we feck!

This week I will buy flip flops, a new bag for the plane (no check in suitcase nonsense) and a pair of green feather boas.

I could do with a new washing machine.

But a washing machine is not on my BUCKET LIST. 

Ever since I can remember we watched the Eurovision at home.  Every year it’s got a bit wackier (Australia? really?) But every year for a few days a lot of people turn up dress up and have a blast singing pop songs and generally making a lot of people happy (maybe not the Russians!)

This year the Irish entry is from Skerries…down the road from where I live.

So that’s a big tick off the list.

Another thing on the list is to be a happy successful published writer. (not the tortured kind in a garret eating beans out of a tin)

This year I have had some pieces published/short listed and I can tell you it makes me happy. I got to take part in the amazing Label Lit event which had poets the length and breath of the country leaving poetry on labels to make people smile or think. I came home from Roscommon Poetry Day with labels from poets I never met and left labels on hedges/statues and in hotel beds. Kind of like the Eurovision of poetry!


Does anyone deep down really care if I go to Lisbon or write a poem?


And they won’t care if you travel to the Himalayas or learn to play the trombone. If you take up tap dancing at 55 or go vegan after eating meat all your life.

Really, no one cares.

You, on the other hand, will care a lot if you dont make time to do the things on your wish list/bucket list. You will spend a lot of time resenting work/family/friends who make demands on your time, money  and resources which stops you getting anything you really want done.


You could take the time (yes, it takes time) to sit yourself down and write you honest, truthful personalised bucket list. Just for you. No point if writing “I want the kids to be healthy and happy” if you really want to learn origami or try ballroom dancing.

The universe needs clear instructions from you to give it some chance of giving you what you want. Otherwise, you get what is left over when everyone else gets what they want.

And then you feel sorry for yourself, or hard done by. Your bucket list becomes a bucket with a hole in it.

So how about this week you make a few minutes to genuinely draw up a bucket list so that on the days when work is hard and kids are sick or the weather is shite you have something to look forward to, to dream about, to plan, to research, to set a goal about?

Your  clocks only go one way. You can’t go back. You get this one life.

If you set your list you may make it happen.

If you dont your time will go anyway.

Then you could end up with Johnny Logan on a permanent loop in your brain singing

“What’s another year?”……:) 🙂


4 thoughts on “Buckets or Bucket list?

  1. Nuala Hayden says:

    Visit Nashville was on my bucket list and I did it! I sang at the Ol Opry (mind you – I had to pay them for the privilege … not sure that was part of the Bucket list) but it was fab and I loved it. Copies of the dvd are available on request!!!! Hopefully they will pay me next time 🙂


  2. Nikki Weston says:

    Oh my! What a post! So much I love! I’m thrilled you’re going to Lisbon Anne, and yes, green with envy! Is it on my bucket list? No, but it is on my nice-to-have list, kinda close to the bottom it must be said. But what I do have is a must-try-once list, a wouldn’t-it-be-fun list, a if-moneys-no-object list, and a desperate-to-do list. All variations of said bucket.

    Been remembering the words of What’s another year, and you know, there’s poetry everywhere. Sending love xoxo


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