Fabulous “starter” and rubbish “finisher”?

Do you absolutely love starting out on a new project?

Does your head constantly generate new ideas?

Do you love the idea of new ( or old but new to you) books, knitting needles, paintbrushes, tools, canvass or baking equipment?

This time of the year is a great time for starting new things. Habits, exercise regimes, night classes, ways of working, ways of dealing with people, books, projects, jobs and random things you have decided to stop procrastinating about.

The energy around a new idea, project or plan is invigorating and exciting, interesting and a lovely novelty… for a while. Then, if you are anything like me, the workbook, novel, plans to paint the apartment, write the play, cook new dishes from around the world (lost the run of myself with that one!) is exciting for about a week.

Then the “idea” of the new thing is often far more exciting and interesting that the actual “doing” of the thing.

The doing of the thing often involves mundane aspects like shopping, typing, stopping doing twenty things and reading, or putting more time and energy in than you realized it was going to take.


In the last week I learned a very valuable lesson from a wise woman called Nikki Weston. We were talking about finishing things and she suggested that when I finish a project I have been slaving over (loving it but slaved over it none the less), that I contact someone (in this case the lady herself)  to say “I finished!”

I thought it was a “nice” idea until I finished the project yesterday afternoon. On my own, In my house. The dog and cat were not remotely interested or impressed. There was no brass band or troop of cheerleaders with pom poms in my house  to celebrate six months of my hard work.

Then I remembered Nikki’s words and emailed to say “I finished it!”

Of course I got a lovely email back full of encouragement and only short of a hand made medal. But, childish as its sounds, it was a great way to validate finishing a “big thing”. Simple, costs nothing except a bit of time but for a serial starter of things like me, it was a lovely idea to have someone acknowledge that a project was finished.

It got me thinking….do you have  ideas, books and projects and concepts that you started, are thinking of starting or never finished?

How does it feel when you don’t finish something?

What would it be like for the serial starters among us to actually take one thing at a time and finish it? 

What energy would that free up? 

Half finished projects are the creative equivalent of “clothes I am going to slim into”.

Every time you open the wardrobe the clothes might scream “fatso!”.

Every time you think of a project you did not finish it might scream “failure!”.

There are many reasons why we don’t finish things.  Fear of failure, fear of success, losing interest (my own particular default setting) or running out of energy, resources, steam or support.

How about this week, as we are coming to the end of the month, you think about one thing you haven’t finished and see if you can put it to bed once and for all?

How about you find your finishing line cheerleader or set yourself a reward for tackling it (if you can do both even better) so that someone somewhere knows you have finished it?

The world needs starters or there would never be anything new. 

Starters need a bit of assistance getting over the finish line. That’s not the end of the world. 

But the best bit about finishing something is you can get to do your favorite thing of all….start something new!!! 🙂 


finishing a book







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