A new year and a new you? Really?

Do you find you make the same kind of goals every year?

Do you start off full of puff and end up a bit knackered two months in?

Do you then decide that there is a series of upcoming events and holidays and you might as well get that wedding, holiday, birthday party out of the way before you tackle your weight, the weight of your wallet or your career aspirations? 

This time of the year we are inundated with ideas for setting goals, joining gyms, taking up the ukulele and losing the Christmas pudding fat that seems to have attached itself to our arses with a steely determination.

February and October are apparently our lightest times of the year. Given that January and September are our usual “get myself in shape, solvent, happy, gainfully employed in a wonderful job” months, what follows is a surge of enthusiasm which no doubt yields very definite results.

And then the resolve weakens. Its Paddy’s day, Easter and sure look, its nearly summer then so it all falls to bits. Or its Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas …then it all falls to bits.

So how about instead of setting goals for a “New You” this year, you have a look at what the original (and perfectly acceptable) “YOU” got done this last year?

Did you survive Christmas and still stay on speaking terms with most of your family?

Did you survive a year in a job that takes a lot of what you have to give and some of what you haven’t?

Did you get kids up, dressed and fed and off to school for most of the school term and throughout the year?

Did you stand freezing your nips off at the side of a football/hurley/rugby field watching junior sport in the rain on a Saturday morning when you would much rather be in bed?

Did you spend time trying to write a poem, craft a story, write a blog post when the sink was full of dishes and there was no clean socks?

Did you spend time with a parent even when you had a million other things that need doing before you go back to work/school/college.

Were you kind?

Did you make anything? Write anything? Create anything?

Did anyone have an easier day/hour/week because of something you did or said?


Instead of making goals this year, how about making a list of D.B.A’s (Don’t Be Afraids)

If you had a list of things you were not going to be afraid of, would that be easier than a number on a scales to aspire to? For example if you had

“don’t be afraid to try running” instead of “to run 10K”

would it be easier to think about giving it a go?

“don’t be afraid to apply for a new job” instead of “to have a new job in place by June” would it be easier to think about putting applications in for something new?

“don’t be afraid to ask for a raise/fee/payment” instead of “to secure a raise by July”  would it be easier to make the first move and ask for a discussion?

Don’t be afraid to exhibit your work, submit your poem, ask for help, think about what you could do if you used your time differently…the list is endless.

We are often and naturally afraid of doing something challenging. A little bit of fear keeps us safe and on our toes.

But if we embrace it by acknowledging that it exists, we can choose not to be afraid of it. Would that make it easier to achieve something new without the pressure of having an end result which has a 50% chance of success, and an equal 50% chance of failure?

Why not try your own list of Don’t Be Afraids and see what you are open to the New Year bringing your way, you may be surprised at what you find! 🙂 

The opposite to fear is courage, and if you choose not to be afraid…who knows what you might have a go at! 🙂




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