Natalie Crick, A Beautiful Death

delighted to have this painting featured in this month’s edition 🙂


Natalie Crick, from the UK, has found delight in writing all of her life and first began when she was a very young girl. Her poetry has been published or is forthcoming in a range of journals and magazines including The Chiron Review, Interpreters House, Ink in Thirds, Rust and Moth, The Penwood Review. Her work also features or is forthcoming in a number of anthologies, including Lehigh Valley Vanguard Collections 13. This year her poem, ‘Sunday School’ was nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Breath of Sun

Winter clouds are haloed between
Leaden sea and sky

Where Periwinkle blossoms
On the mountain ridge.

The Eucalyptus stirs
And scents the air.

Breath of sun alights,

Slipping into browning leaves
To surrender the past,

Dispossessed of sleep,
Drifting into dark;

A ghost, moon-bleached.
Moths swoop and twist,

Grey petals
Softened with savanna light.
Dying relics flake away.

This House

Fog rolls…

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