To bed or to weightwatchers?

Are you full of new ideas and resolutions but physically bone weary tired?

Mentally buzzing but physically fizzled out?

Do you WANT to get out in the evening in your new lycra leggings and day glo hat but struggling to find the energy?

Slimming World, Weight watchers, fat club, fight club, anything that supports anyone getting fit and healthy is good stuff in my books, but this time of the year I often find myself in total conflict with the size of my seating area and the amount of energy in my petrol tank. In short, at this time of the year I am mentally enthusiastic and buzzing with ideas and new year’s resolutions but physically tired. Not depressed, not despondent, just bone dog weary tired.

I have several explanations for why my physical body is trailing behind my super buzzy mind and they are simple.

1 I was born in November so I am guessing I spent much of Christmas and New year during my first festive period sleeping my brains out. 

2. My mother did not know how to spell the word “relax” and worked long hours to keep us all fed and watered and then spent the hours when she was not working in the garden, at the sewing machine or feeding the elephant sized twin tub washing machine. She was a powerhouse of energy so lying in bed on a Saturday morning was not an option, ever.  

3. All around me nature is having a rest, having a sleep, taking a physical break. I have no doubt that under the surface of the soil there is a lot of activity going on which is equivalent to my busy mind, and this year the daffodils have already started to appear due to an unnaturally mild winter. But in general, at this time of the year, nature  sleeps.

This year, I have thought a lot about going back to weight watchers (or whatever your chosen support club is)  but dont want to go back to lose weight to put it back on over winter to have to start again.

So instead of the usual “I am not handing over a tenner to have someone to tell me to stop eating the pies” type of procrastinating talk I regale myself with, I have decided to do something different.

This year I am going to combine the two options of taking a rest, AND going to weightwatchers. 

Sometimes its the simple solution that is the hardest to see. 

So I will be handing over my weekly tenner, not to be told how to “eat less and move more” which is the essence I think of all weight loss programs (and rightly so), but to join in the fun of a group of people all turning up in the skimpiest lightest clothing modesty will permit, once a week to make a commitment to getting healthier. 

And I will  have ALSO a rest, so that when nature gets out of bed refreshed after a lovely long rest, I will hopefully do the same !


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