Clothes from the road.


Clothes from the road campaign.

Have you seen this image before and thought it was shocking?

Have you ever passed a piece of clothing on the road, in the street, caught on railings, soaking wet and covered in mud?

Have you picked it up or passed it by?

Chances are these were dropped or lost  and the chances are they will be left to rot or disintegrate.

For many years I have seen hats, gloves, sweaters, jackets and scarves abandoned, lost, driven over, rained on, walked on and covered in mud.

For many years I have been thinking of making a large piece of art out of reclaimed clothing, just to highlight the sheer waste of often very good quality pieces of clothing.

Then I had an epiphany! On the 6th of January 2017 I am launching the “Clothes from the Road” campaign, where I hope to encourage people to stop, pick it up, launder it and donate it to a charity. Or wear it yourself, the choice is yours.


You will need; a plastic bag to carry it home in, a washing machine or sink depending on what you have found and that’s it. There is no need to clutter up anyone’s house, garage, spare room with black bin bags full of stuff, pass it on, put it on or find a home for it!

If you can, photograph your item on the road or street and after you have laundered it and share it here.

The aim; to stop the needless waste of good clothes and redistribute them to keep someone warm. Simples!

Have we really got so much that we  need to walk over something because we are too proud to pick it up, too lazy to wash it and too posh to put it on our backs?

So let’s get over ourselves, join the “Clothes from the Road Campaign” and give something back.



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