A little bit of Feng Shui and Elsa

Do you have clothes you paid good money for that you are going to “slim into” ?

Do you want have things in your house that it would be a sin to throw out? 

Do you need new things to help you business, project or goals for the coming year ? 

Somewhere, in some blog on some site I read about the 243 Feng Shui Challenge and for someone who is not, by any means a hoarder I thought it was a bit mad!

It suggests you get rid/recycle 27 things for 9 days +243 things. 

Thats 243 things! I thought that would never work but being a great believer in giving things a go,  I did, and on day five now I am itching to start my clear out for today.

Things like old fuses, biros, keys that dont belong to any lock, glue sticks with no tops that I will never get around to cutting the top of and covering with cling film. Clothes that are a “good make” but dont fit. Bags that I dont like but have a good zip for things. Books I should but will never read. Batteries that I dont know are good or not. Things that are in good nick. But never used.

But here’s the magic *******

The more bits I get rid of, the more things I find that I will use. Today I found a packet of Poppy Seeds from the Victorian  & Albert museum that my daughter bought me for a gift a year ago…they can be planted now in spring. 4 sets of googly eyes that I will use this week for a session in an upcoming class. A notebook with a whole list of email addresses I thought I had lost.

Now here’s the thing….

For as many things I have found that I will use, I have also found some “things” that would be great for an idea I just haven’t figured out yet. A Christmas bauble made of tin that had cosmetics in it for a gift and is now discarded. I thought “thats a sin to throw that out” so I have it. But I still dont know what to do with it.

So here’s the idea…

If, like me, you can’t throw out beautiful boxes or jars or packets but haven’t got around to doing anything with them, give yourself a day to figure out WHAT you are going to do with each one, or release it into the recycle bin where at least it will be used for something. And with that in mind, I have decided to give the Christmas bauble to the dog, who has been trying to take it off the desk anyway. It’s made of tin so it won’t burst and she will get hours and hours of pleasure out of it, rather than me keeping it in a box with other “things” and then getting fed up looking at it and throwing it out halfway through the year anyway.

Give yourself a day to decide what you WILL rather than COULD do with it and if nothing comes to mind let it go.

So dont put it away until you think of something to use it for, put it to use or let someone else use it! Don’t  put it way, give it away!

If you need a new laptop, then keeping a drawer full of usb cables, an old monitor, 2 spare keyboards and a box of old plugs is not likely to manifest a laptop. A box full of paint tubes with no tops and the contents gone hard but good if you cut them with a scissors at the bottom (sure fire way to destroy your clothes) is not likely to manifest a new set of paints. A box full of old handouts is not likely to manifest a new workbook and a fridge full of near empty jars is not likely to manifest a healthy meal.

So how about you give it a go, 27 things you get rid of for 9 days in a row, and if you are keeping a “thing”, decide if you love it enough to fix it, polish it, recycle  it or trip over it. If you can’t then let it go…it worked for Elsa! and if you want to get a bit of music to help, have a look at Elsa and sing along! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Warning, best sung at the top of your voice with grandiose arm gestures! 🙂

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