Creatively Thinking

Creatively Thinking

Over the last ten years I have come across many overworked overtired over weight stressed out weary creative people, many of whom are supremely talented and all of whom are getting to do the things they would love to do a fraction of the time they would like.

As many of you know, I firmly believe that any course that gets us out of our busy heads and into the magical area of our imagination is good for our mental, physical and emotional well being and tends to also benefit our nearest and dearest! The more we create, the less we procrastinate, the more we do something we lost track of time doing, the less irritable and hard done by we feel. In short, no one gains when we don’t create, and everyone gains when we do!

So, why wouldn’t we? Create/make on a regular basis?

The reasons are many and varied. Too little time, too much work, too fat, too poor, too old, too stressed, to awkward, too unfit. Too afraid that it won’t be perfect.

Well, the good news is that you are right, chances are it won’t be perfect, unless if comes from a machine it will be unique and a little bit off centre, burnt around the edges, hem hanging on the “Kildare Side” whatever that is..

The important thing is that you find a way to get over your “tooisms” and understand that you dont make the finished product, but no product will ever be finished if it never gets started….

So what can you get making, doing, sewing, baking if you get off the Tooism Fence and get over it? 

If it didn’t have to be finished before you started, what could you make a start on?

What WILL you make a start on so there is some chance it might get finished?

Sometimes a song, a poem or a sentence from someone you dont know can often say exactly what it is you need to do and a strangers wisdom can give you courage. Owen Lindley puts it this way….


So how about you make a start, dont apologize….and see what happens. I promise you the sky wont fall……:)

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