So I wanted to write a blog…

Several years ago I had a lovely blog. Published, regular posts, images, comments, the whole kit and kaboodle. It complimented my work as a trainer and facilitator and coach and people gave me lots of lovely feedback on the ideas, tips and information.

Then the recession hit. So I took a “real” job. It was a disaster. Nuff said. A few years on and I am back doing what I love most and the technology is way more accessible than it was when I had my original blog. So the process should be piece of pie. Well, it turns out my brain has pressed “delete” on the file that uses technical knowledge and I am now back with the stabilizers on my technical tricycle. “It’s like riding a bike” they say…

If you are reading this then I have managed to reclaim some part of the process and will no doubt “remember” more apps, taps and widgets over the next few weeks but it got me thinking. This is way more difficult than I remember…or am I older and less confident than I was a few years ago? Or do I want it to be worth your while reading it so its a lot more precious to me that it works this time?

What if things were too difficult when we tried them second time around was nature’s way of checking if we really want it? Is it twice as challenging the more you want something? And does that make it all the more worthwhile?

I love what I do. Delivering coaching, training, courses, workshops and one off facilitation sessions. But there is a limit to where I can get to in a given week and how far I can drive to on a given day. The internet is many things, and one of the most important thing is its ability to remove the limits. Unless you are up a very high mountain or in a very remote forest you will get a signal (and if you are up a very high mountain you would be better off looking at the view instead of trawling the internet for inspiration. Likewise in a deep forest you will see and hear far more interesting things than any words on a screen can show you.)

But if you are at home, and its raining, or you have little time to go out out night classes, a blog can be like a mug of hot chocolate or a glass of wine, and every now and again someone’s words will trigger an idea that was lurking behind the bills and bother of everyday living. I read many blogs that inspire me, make me laugh and very often make me think.

So with this in mind I will persevere and figure it out, I know I know how to do it…I just need to find the write tools in my head, and the moral of the story is that I will NEVER forget such a valuable skill because I didn’t realise how valuable it was when I had it.

What did you used to do well that you can’t do now?

A woman who attended one of the Artist’s way sessions recently blew us away when she calmly announced that she could play the clarinet (Deirdre, you know who you are! πŸ™‚ ) but it needed to be fixed and she had not played it for a long time. Β And play it she did, on our last day and with grace and elegance. To my knowledge she has not played since and if she dosen’t play shortly she will be back to joining me in the stabilizer section of the courage school.

What would happen if you decide to try your hand at your forgotten skill?

Would the sky fall if you took out the sketch pad? The note book? The cookery book? The sewing machine?

Would you make mistakes? Will that stop you?

I Β changed my facebook image a few days ago as the page no longer reflected what I do and used an image of a painting I did a long time ago as I had the image on the laptop I was using. The response took me by surprise; lots of people commented on the painting assuming it was a recent work. In fact, such was the lovely positive response that I have now purchased a new canvass and once I have mastered tomorrow’s technical high jump I am going to paint!

What will you do that you haven’t done for a long time?

I would love to hear what you get up to, no matter how fantastic or how big a failure…and dont get me started on “failure” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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